The role of AI in the discovery of new drugs

AI could play a major role in the drug discovery process. The current ecosystem is preventing this technology from flourishing. The group of GPAI
experts have proposed a ready-to-use and balanced roadmap for creating the right
incentives and better directing public procurement and support where markets fail to address
pressing issues.

Interview with Alice Oh

How can AI be used to combat pandemics like COVID-19? How can similar threats be prevented in the future? This was the problem that the AI and Pandemic Response Working Group studied and reported on in its 2021 report.

Interview with Jacques Rajotte

The role of CEIMIA extends beyond purely coordination to working closely with GPAI experts to provide seed funding and actively identify knowledge partners, and even financial partners.

We are proud of the work already accomplished

Jordan Zed, GPAI Steering Committee Co-Chair, recalls the work
accomplished over the past eighteen months by PMIA experts to promote responsible
artificial intelligence but also the role that must playing governments in this area.

Helping SMEs to benefit from AI

Generally unfamiliar with AI, SMEs nevertheless provide 80-90% of all jobs and generate 70-75% of GDP, depending on the country concerned. To help them learn more about this technology, GPAI experts have built a model of an online portal where AI solution providers and SMEs can meet in the virtual world.

Interview with Françoise Soulié-Fogelman

The Innovation and Commercialization Working Group assesses and recommends practical tools and methods that private actors and research organisations can use to stimulate international collaboration in AI-related R&D and innovation, with particular focus on SMEs.