AI & Earth Observation

Problematizing and illustrating the relationship between AI-Powered Earth Observation and Climate –

We are proud of the work already accomplished

Jordan Zed, GPAI Steering Committee Co-Chair, recalls the work
accomplished over the past eighteen months by PMIA experts to promote responsible
artificial intelligence but also the role that must playing governments in this area.

Working for a trustworthy, ethical and responsible model of AI

Baroness Joanna Shields, Multi-stakeholder Expert Group Plenary Chair and GPAI Steering Committee Co-Chair outlines the key issues to be addressed at the Artificial Intelligence Summit to be held in Paris on 11 and 12 November. More specifically, she highlights the considerable body of work already completed by the working groups.

Many challenges remain to make AI ethical and responsible

Renaud Vedel, the incoming Co-Chair of the GPAI Steering Committee, reiterates the mission of the Global Partnership on AI launched in 2020, which will hold this year’s Summit in Paris. The coordinator of the French government’s national strategy for artificial intelligence also talks about the many challenges that remain.