Launched in June 2020, the Global Partnership in AI, GPAI, is an international and multi-stakeholder initiative, which today brings together 25 member-countries with the aim of bridging the gap between theory and practice on AI by supporting research-actions. GPAI brings together leading experts from science, industry, civil society, international organizations and governments. Work is conducted in 4 working groups: “Responsible AI”, with a subgroup on “AI and Pandemic Response”, “Data Governance”, “the Future of Work”, and “Innovation and Commercialization”.

Two centers of expertise support the working groups: CEIMIA in Canada and the Paris Center of Expertise, operated by Inria. The latter provides logistical and technical support for the “Future of Work” and “Innovation and Commercialization” working groups.

Discover on this site the reports of the working groups for the year 2021 as well as “The Magazine” where you will find articles, videos and interviews from the GPAI community.