Interview with Thomas Hann

Thomas Hahn, Chief expert software at Siemens, defends the thesis of a federated regulatory approach to AI at the European level. Many initiatives are currently underway.

Interview with Daniela Battisti

Daniela Battisti, Head of International Relations at the Italian Department for Digital Transformation, shares her enthusiasm for the work already done within the GPAI, and discusses future areas for consideration. Her wish list includes examining the impact of Artificial Intelligence on public services.

Interview with Yoichi Iida

Yoichi Iida, Director of International Research and Policy Coordination, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (MIC-Japan), reviews the achievements of GPAI and discusses expectations for the future.

Interview with Francis Bach

Francis Bach, a researcher at INRIA and specialist in machine learning, looks back at the main successes of Artificial Intelligence, and discusses the limitations of this technology in certain areas.

A Living Lab on AI and the world of work

To gain a clearer understanding of the challenges posed by AI for the future on work. That is the ambition of the Living Lab virtual laboratory that GPAI experts are currently working on. A genuine co-creation ecosystem for people-centric research and innovation.

Interview with Nayat Sanchez Pi, Director of Inria in Chile

Latin America has specificities in political, economic and cultural terms, not to mention a growing problem of inequality. This region can contribute to the development of AI even beyond its borders by bringing a diversity perspective from other regions of the world.